Milk suppliers

Our milk comes from animals that lead a happy life on local farms!

We collect the milk for our products directly from our approximately 50 local sheep and goat farmers, in the Wald-, Most- and Mühlviertel areas of Austria, using our own collection trucks. Not only does this represent a big saving of CO2, it is also sustainable because the value creation stays in our region. We take care only to select the best sheep's and goat's milk, subjecting the raw material to ongoing controls. Careful milk production in harmony with nature, natural animal husbandry, and kindness in the handling of animals are very important to us. Only in this way can we guarantee, with a real passion, the fine quality of our products. In addition, our partners raise their animals on 100% GMO-free feed, enabling us to provide a 100% GMO-free guarantee on our dairy products. Top quality grass and hay containing Waldviertel flowers and herbs, that are free of glyphosate thanks to our partners, give our milk and our products their unique taste.



Milk suppliers

Personal stories straight from the farm


Fanni & Camilla

»Määäääähähey !«

"Hello! We are the Lacaune dairy sheep, Fanni, and Camilla. We are something quite special because unlike our 250 or so fluffy white neighbours in the stall, Fanni has black wool and Camilla – that's me – almost no hair at all. Black Lacaune dairy sheep like Fanni are quite rare, with only one black lamb being born per 500 births. We both live on a farm 775m above sea level at the southern edge of the Waldviertel high plateau, with the Schramel family who is very kind to us. Regional food has always been very important to Franz, Andrea and their children, which is why they made the decision to supply our milk to DIE KÄSEMACHER in 2009. What we sheep – Fanni and Camilla – like best of all, however, is the treats they give us after we've been milked."

blauschi the goat


"Good day to you! I am Blauschi, the oldest of about 220 dairy goats that belong to Christian and Christine Weidenauer, and I look after my neighbours in the stall really well. I am the most experienced goat of them all, and I show my friends who is best at stroking us and where the most comfortable places in the stall, with the freshest straw, are to be found. What we like best of all is when Sandra, the daughter of Christian and Christine, brings us spruce tree tops to nibble."


mia & stella the goats


"Hello! We are the cheeky goats, Mia and Stella. Our young boss Manuel Hoffmann thinks very highly of us because our milk is very versatile and above all it is healthy. He and his family look after us really well, things couldn't be better for us. Our neighbours on the farm are some horses – we get on very well with them. Mia says: I am so grateful to the family for their kindness that I give the most milk. Stella says: I would rather spend my time just snuggling up with them. With my black head and white body, I am really special."

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