Our philosophy

The name DIE KÄSEMACHER reflects our philosophy: a regional tradition of craftsmanship, a love to nature and animals, and a true passion for cheese making. It all began with one man and his dream: Hermann Ploner and his idea of making a cheese from sheep's and cow's milk. Today, as manager of the company, his daughter Doris Ploner conveys to our customers the real love and passion for our products that DIE KÄSEMACHER bring to their work. Around 170 colleagues are dedicated to the "cheese taste experience" and guarantee the best possible quality. 


All in accordance with our slogan: Love and passion in fine taste

The best raw materials

The quality of our raw materials is a top priority for us – only in this way can we guarantee the high standard of our products. We choose our partners with care and maintain close contact with the farms we work with. In order to achieve the best possible quality, we pay attention not only to how the raw materials are produced but also to the love and passion our partners bring to their work.



People & animals in accordance with nature

raw materials

This is where we are the pioneers

Traditional recipes

Our cheese is made by hand following traditional Waldviertel recipes. The curd is cut by hand and packed by hand. The subsequent production stages are also mainly carried out by hand.


It is important to us to have the best raw materials and to process natural and predominantly regional ingredients. Our products do not contain any artificial taste enhancers or colourings.


Traditional recipes

Our commitment to the region

DIE KÄSEMACHER and the products we make have their origin in the Waldviertel, a beautiful area in the north of Austria. We have a close connection to this region. It is an area full of variety, a region in which the diversity of nature, farming, and culture, as well as the art of food processing and the hospitality industry, are very much at home.


The variety of different tastes on offer in the Waldviertel is loved and prized far beyond the borders of Austria. We at DIE KÄSEMACHER now export to over 40 countries, bringing part of the Waldviertel – and Waldviertel tradition in everything we produce – to the world every day. This is something we are very proud of.